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What justifies the bother and cost of writing the majority of reports. But the “decisions” will come in many forms: often what the reader will do, and when, and sometimes your report will reassure the reader to do nothing new.

2000 people hug trees to set world record

A strong group of 2000 individuals including students, politicians and monks hugged trees simultaneously to set a new Guinness World Record in Kathmandu on the World Environment Day. The stunt was primarily held to raise awareness about the importance of trees in our environment.


Participants hugging trees (Image Prakash Mathema/Getty Images)

A student hugging a tree (Image  PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP/Getty Images)

A student hugging a tree (Image Prakash Mathema/Getty Images)


Students marching carrying signs of awareness (Image Prakash Mathema/Getty Images)

The participants hugged the trees for two minutes and the organizers will send photographs, videos, list of participants and signed statements to the Guinness, which will decide to recognize it as a new record or not.

If the feat is recognized, then it will replace the current record of 936 people hugging trees simultaneously in Portland, Oregon (US) in July 2013.

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Parahawking in Pokhara

You’ve heard of paragliding, but ever heard of Parahawking?

Similar to paragliding, parahawking in Pokhara lets you glide and have a good time – but the later adds an extra dose of fun – you are guided by the vultures!


The trained vultures guide the gliders to thermal areas over Lakeside, which helps the glide session to be more efficient because of the rising air. In doing so, the vultures are rewarded with small morsels of meat, which are offered by holding out on the glider’s gloved hand.

Parahawking in Pokhara

The project is run by British falconer Scott Masion with his team of multinationals and of course, the vultures – Kevin an Bob. The project only uses rescued birds and are not taken from the wild.

The parahawking experience is currently off-season but restarts in October and costs £125 per session. Something to plan for this year, perhaps?

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Nepali Citizenship for Veteran John Cross

Now, here is an interesting piece of news. World War II veteran John Philips Cross, who is 90 years old, has been fighting to become a Nepali Citizen. Well, we all know how hard it is for even general Nepalis to go through the process – so we can imagine, sigh. If we remember it right, his case was highlighted in medias a few years back as well.

Mr. John Philip Cross (Image: eKantipur)

Mr. John Philip Cross (Image: eKantipur)

Mr. Cross, who renounced his British Citizenship twelve years ago, came to Nepal … Continue Reading

Six Sherpas killed and Three Missing on Mount Everest

A dozen Nepalese guides have been reported dead and three missing after an avalanche hit Mount Everest in the early hours of Friday morning. Two injured Sherpas have been flown out to Kathmandu for treatment while search is still in progress for the three missing guides.


The climbers and guides had been setting up their camps on the route to make a final ascend to the summit in May.

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Nepal to enforce climbers to clean up

Nepal government has made a decision to ask the climbers of mount Everest to clean up their litters. The officials will be checking each descending climber’s trash, including empty gas tanks that normally get discarded on the paths.

Mt Everest 2006

Image: Reuters

Maddhu Sudan Burlakoti, head of the mountaineering ­department at the tourism ministry, said: “We are not asking climbers to search and pick up trash left by someone else. We just want them to bring back what they took up.”

This, we hope will encourage every climbers to keep the Everest area clean and make climbing more attractive.