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Six Sherpas killed and Three Missing on Mount Everest

A dozen Nepalese guides have been reported dead and three missing after an avalanche hit Mount Everest in the early hours of Friday morning. Two injured Sherpas have been flown out to Kathmandu for treatment while search is still in progress for the three missing guides.


The climbers and guides had been setting up their camps on the route to make a final ascend to the summit in May.

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Nepal to enforce climbers to clean up

Nepal government has made a decision to ask the climbers of mount Everest to clean up their litters. The officials will be checking each descending climber’s trash, including empty gas tanks that normally get discarded on the paths.

Mt Everest 2006

Image: Reuters

Maddhu Sudan Burlakoti, head of the mountaineering ­department at the tourism ministry, said: “We are not asking climbers to search and pick up trash left by someone else. We just want them to bring back what they took up.”

This, we hope will encourage every climbers to keep the Everest area clean and make climbing more attractive.