Parahawking in Pokhara

You’ve heard of paragliding, but ever heard of Parahawking?

Similar to paragliding, parahawking in Pokhara lets you glide and have a good time – but the later adds an extra dose of fun – you are guided by the vultures!


The trained vultures guide the gliders to thermal areas over Lakeside, which helps the glide session to be more efficient because of the rising air. In doing so, the vultures are rewarded with small morsels of meat, which are offered by holding out on the glider’s gloved hand.

Parahawking in Pokhara

The project is run by British falconer Scott Masion with his team of multinationals and of course, the vultures – Kevin an Bob. The project only uses rescued birds and are not taken from the wild.

The parahawking experience is currently off-season but restarts in October and costs £125 per session. Something to plan for this year, perhaps?

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