Nepali Citizenship for Veteran John Cross

Now, here is an interesting piece of news. World War II veteran John Philips Cross, who is 90 years old, has been fighting to become a Nepali Citizen. Well, we all know how hard it is for even general Nepalis to go through the process – so we can imagine, sigh. If we remember it right, his case was highlighted in medias a few years back as well.

Mr. John Philip Cross (Image: eKantipur)

Mr. John Philip Cross (Image: eKantipur)

Mr. Cross, who renounced his British Citizenship twelve years ago, came to Nepal in 1947 for the first time, in the invitation of the then Prime Minister Padma Sumsher Rana. His love for Nepal deepened when he served as Chief of British Camp in Pokhara in 1976. He is currently settled in Nayagaun, Pokahra and is fluent in Nepali language. He is also a well recognized philanthropist in local area.

Although, Late King Birendra Shah Dev arranged an unlimited stay in Nepal for him, Mr. Cross has been visiting District Administration Office for the past 38 years in the hope of becoming a Nepali Citizen. He says he just wants to be recognized as a Nepali.  We hope the Nepali government honors his request as we think he meets all the Naturalization requirements, including 15 years of residency –   according to the Nepali Citizenship Law. Well, we’ll just have to wait..

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